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Getting Started with Hockey

How to Get Started with Hockey

For safety reasons we expect our players to have basic skating and hockey skills prior to joining.   Players in our league have a wide variety of skills – from beginner to advanced.  It is normal to attend multiple sessions of adult learn to play before feeling comfortable in a game situation.

Required skating skills are:

  • Forward skating
  • Forward stop
  • Backward skating
  • Backward stop

Recommended hockey knowledge:

  • Offsides
  • Passing
  • Skating with the puck on your stick
  • Receiving a pass

FULL Equipment is required to participate

  • Skates
  • Helmet
  • Chest protector
  • Elbow pads
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Pants
  • Stick

Learn to Skate Resources

All area rinks offer learn to skate programs, open skate, and stick and puck.