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1. Players must be current members of NCTWHA and USA Hockey. Fees for each session must be paid by each player before the first game she plays of that session.
2. Each game will have two USA Hockey-certified referees.
3. First and second periods are 18 minute runtime. The third period is usually 18 minutes, but if we are running late it could be however much time is left in the one hour ice slot minus two minutes. No overtimes or shootouts.
4. No individual player may score more than three goals in a game.
5. Slapshots are allowed.
6. USA Hockey Code of Conduct rules apply
7. In all other matters, NCTWHA bylaws apply.

Leadership structure

This fall we have new board members and with that a new structure for the house league as well. The board has also chosen to implement a house league committee rather than a singular director, and the house league committee along with the board have selected 4 new captains. With this new structure we'd like there to be a "chain of command" for raising thoughts, comments, concerns, etc. The first point of contact for any feedback would be the captains, if you're comfortable your captain should be the first person you go to to discuss any potential issues with house league play. The captains will then take any feedback to the house league directors who will deal with it as they see fit and if they deem it necessary they will escalate the feedback to the board. This will hopefully give us a structure that will allow us to receive and respond to your feedback in a more organized way without overwhelming any one person. The leadership team for this season is as follows:

  • Captains: KB (yellow), Erica OG Fried (black), Jackie Distler (white) and Christy Bass (green)
  • House league committee: Elaine Erwin (house league co-director), Camille Lewis (house league co-director), Steph Pusateri (new player coordinator), TJ Abbott (goalie coordinator)
  • TB Board: Emily Mitch Ward (president), Jen Haley (VP), Michele Johnson (secretary), Michele Goodman (treasurer)

Code of conduct/rules

The goal of this league is to provide a safe, fun environment for women of all ability levels to play. We have women who have played their entire lives at a high, competitive level, and we have women who are pretty new to the game. We have players with ages ranging from their teens to their 60s. In order for that to work we need good sportsmanship and cooperation from all, and for that reason I'd like to take time to remind you all of the USA Hockey Code of Conduct that you signed when you registered. I'd also like to remind everybody that we won't be awarding the Stanley Cup at the end of the season (in fact you don't get anything at all for winning, just a fun time and some good memories!). We want good competitive games but at the end of the day this league is for fun. That may mean giving a newer player more time and space with the puck rather than taking it from them right away just because you can, or making extra passes rather than always taking it end to end to score a goal yourself. For some of our higher skilled players who are used to playing in more competitive leagues this may mean toning it down. We encourage you to play hard against other highly skilled players, but ask that you extend other players more grace and patience. I realize this is an adjustment for people who are not used to playing in such an environment and that it will take time to learn which players play at different levels, but I believe if we work together to help new players acclimate to the league and level of play that we can all get there. The main thing that we ask is that you show up with a positive attitude and good sportsmanship and remember that after our Sunday night games everyone out on the ice needs to go to work (or school) Monday morning. Overly aggressive play, excessive swearing or use of foul language, name calling and yelling at opponents, teammates or refs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you feel that you want a more competitive game or feel that this league is not for you we can help direct you to other places that you can play that might be a better fit.

I'd also like to remind people that the Cary ice house does have cameras so the games are being filmed and the house league committee and board have access to these videos. I'd also like to remind everyone that the NC Trailblazers is a membership organization and that membership is a privilege, not a right, and that per the NC Trailblazers bylaws the board has the right to suspend or revoke membership of any player for misconduct detrimental to the league at the discretion of the board. This is not a power that we want to ever have to exercise but if it becomes necessary to maintain the integrity and atmosphere of the league we will do it.

Game Rules

Our fall season runs from Sep 11-Dec 18 with game times of 8:15pm and 9:30pm at the Cary Ice House. Our house league games will consist of a 3 minute warmup, three 18 minute run time periods and 1 minute intermission between periods. The clock may stop in the last minute of the game if there is less than a 3 goal differential and time allows. We pay for the ice by the hour and cannot go over that time, which means the clock won't stop for things like injuries, equipment malfunctions, losing the puck in the ceiling, extra pucks falling from the ceiling (gotta love Cary ice house), etc. Please don't yell at the refs, scorekeepers or captains about the clock continuing to run, it is supposed to keep running and it is not their fault. If there are any questions or dispute about a call or the rules please bring this to your captain and the captains can discuss it with the refs rather than having everyone yelling at them or talking to them at intermission. No matter how well intentioned you may be, this helps streamline communication with the refs and foster good sportsmanship.

Our final house rule is that we have a 3 GOAL LIMIT, any one player will only be allowed to score a maximum of 3 goals in a game. If you can score more than 3 goals we are all very impressed, but after you've scored 3 any additional goals will not count, so this would be a good time to focus on passing and setting up your teammates (maybe someone who doesn't score often). This helps prevent one person from running the whole game and fosters fun games and good sportsmanship.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your captains, the house league committee or the board, or you can email .