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1. Players must be current members of NCTWHA and USA Hockey. Fees for each session must be paid by each player before the first game she plays of that session.
2. Each game will have two USA Hockey-certified referees.
3. First and second periods are 18 minute runtime. The third period is however much time is left in the one hour ice slot minus two minutes. No overtimes or shootouts.
4. No individual player may score more than three goals in a game.
5. Slapshots are allowed.
6. The House League Committee will choose a manager for each team to help with administration.
7. Per NCTWHA bylaws, each team will vote to choose its own on-ice captain. Each team may also have up to two alternate captains.
8. Teams may play with as few players as they want; they cannot play with more than 15 skaters (not counting goalie). Managers or their designated substitutes will call subs as needed from the list maintained by the House League Committee.
9. Subs are billed via SportsEngine after each game, and payment is due immediately. Sub fees are $10 if you are a current house league member and $25 if you are a Trailblazer member, but not currently on a house league team.  Currently no subs.
10. Team managers may seek subs from teams on a "bye" week under two conditions: Their team will otherwise have fewer than 10 skaters, and they have asked everyone on the regular sub list. Regular players acting as subs will be assessed an additional fee.
11. Teams choose their own lines and make all other game-related decisions themselves.
12. League members will be asked to vote by the second game of each Fall session on a house league representative to the board. The vote stands for the year.
13. At about the midpoint of each session, the organizers will meet to consider any changes that may be needed to the rosters or these rules. Players will be notified of the upcoming meeting and input will be welcome.
14. USA Hockey Code of Conduct rules apply
15. In all other matters, NCTWHA bylaws apply.